Introduction: 123d Design Earbud Holder Iphone Case

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Do you ever get a big tangled mess with your earbuds in your pocket? Or do you misplace them from time to time? Well this instructable will show you how to make an iphone case that has a built in earbud holder!

Step 1: The Back

Start by placing the premade iphone model down and turn it upside down.

Then you take a cube and place it on the iphone back.

And lastly you click on the cube and resize it so that it is flat and covers a majority of the back.

Step 2: The Sides

Again place a cube on either side of the iphone.

Then resize it and place it UNDER the volume bar.

Step 3: The Front

Once again place a a cube by each side of the iphone but this time in front.

Then you can resize it and adjust its location.

Step 4: The Earbud Holder

Start by placing a cube on the side that has the headphone jack on it (not the top but the side of case) and resize it so it sticks out alittle bit (I think I used .1 as the thickness for most things)

Then place yet another cube and resize it to be alittle bigger than the last (somewhat forming a T).

Now the next cube will be very tiny and placed on top of the last part.

And finally the last piece is a cshape and it'll be really big so you have to play with it's size and thickness alittle bit. (this part will hold the wires kinda like the last pic.

Step 5: The Finished Product

Now your done! You can 3d print it (take out the iphone model first though :) ).

This is my second instructable so please let me know how I did in the comments.

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