Introduction: 123d Fly Trap

This is a fly trap I made in 123d design , this was my first project using 123d design. The fly trap attracts flies with compost, that is placed in the top and also feeds the plant, the fly the smell the compost and fly up towards it through the small entrance hole it then realises its been tricked. So it just flies towards outside then suddenly BAM its trapped in the sticky transparent plastic, kind of like a spiders web.

Step 1: The Main Section

This step shows you how to make the basic shape. 
First make a rectangle 250 by 100.
Then make a curve or triangle at the bottom.
And a line all the way across 100 down.
Now use the shell tool to remove part of the top[ of the cube.
Finally add another rectangle to the cube.

Step 2: Finishing

First pull the entrance up.
Now use the shell tool to shell the entrance, the one in the picture need to be wider.
Then if you hadn't already make it into a triangle.
Fourthly draw a line across the tip of the triangle then remove it with the pull tool.
Finally add a hole in the compost box.

Step 3: Finished

The finished 3d model is here if you want to download it. 
To completely finish this project you must put sticky (the sticker the better) then fill the compost box with some rotting food and cover with a layer of soil. 

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