12V Lithium Ion(18650) Battery Pack - 3S10P - 24Ah




Introduction: 12V Lithium Ion(18650) Battery Pack - 3S10P - 24Ah

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This is how I built the 12V 24Ah (3S10P) Lithium Ion(Li-ion) Battery Pack using HomeMade(DIY) Spot welder.

Step 1: Battery Pack Building Material and Cost, Weight, Capacity Estimation

This Pack includes,

1, 3S BMS 40Amps for Protecting the Battery Pack against Undervoltage, Overvoltage, Shortcircuit conditions. -> 1no

2, 18650 Lithium-Ion Cell (Make/Model- BAK/H18650CIL) 3 in Series and 10 in Parallel(3S10P) -> 30no

3, 18650 Single Battery Cell Spacer - 60no

4, Nickel Strips - (estimation added in above pic)

5, Kapton Tape - (estimation added in above pic)

MPPT used in this video (MPT7210A) is recommended for charging 24v Batteries and above, So extra care to be taken while Charging 12v Batteries. So better to use a CC CV DC-DC converter.

Caution: Do Not Try this at home if you are unaware of the Risks involved with Lithium Ion Batteries.

Step 2: Final Packing

This is how the Spot welded Batteries were packed with PVC Heat Shrink tubes.

# DC Watt Meter included to monitor the Load Power Consumption.

# Temperature sensor included to get the Compartments Temperature.

# Fuse holder with 10Amps fuse for protection.

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Step 3: Some Use Cases I Tried With 12V Lithium Ion Battery Pack :-)

# Coffee Mug with 12v Lithium Ion Battery Pack

# Room Warmer with 12v Lithium Ion Battery Pack

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    Question 2 years ago

    Where did you source the battery cells for such a cheap price? The cheapest I have been able to look at have been atleast ₹250, without including the import custom charges!


    Answer 2 years ago

    If you manage to buy minimum 100no you will get good price even at your surroundings.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Can you share the details of where you bought them?


    Reply 2 years ago

    Padamveer, don't take me wrong I really don't want to misguide you, as the market for lithium has some unhealthy side. we may be trapped with poor quality cells, so please explore yourself to identify a good seller.