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Introduction: 12V Source for Trunk

About: Hello, my name is Dusan, i'm from Serbia and i am student on Faculty of Electronic Engineering.

Some cars have this in their fabric settings. But what if they don't? It wasn't necessary to me up to this summer when I needed
light on camping which I would hang on the door of my trunk, but my lamp was empty and cable not long enough. So on and so forth, I'll insert power into my Citroen Xara's trunk .

Step 1: What I Needed?

For this project you'll need:

Car lighter, electric tool, wire 1.5mm or 2.5mm (10m wire or longer), tape and rigt place. :)

I chose this place because it doesn't need drilling, it's firm hard enough and easy to supply with power. I bought the lighter with a lamp , but this lamp isn't much important here, so I'll pull IT out later.

Step 2: Wire - From Lighter to Trunk

I took power from a lighter which I don't use very often, brazed the wires (I took the yellow-green because I didn't have the wire which was 1.5 or bigger back then). The biggest problem occurred when I was infiltrating the back seats' ashtray to the back seats, but the problem was solved when my friend brought me plastic cord to infiltrate cables.

The wire could have also been brought to the back seats through these mini tunel , but it was easier for me to do it my way.

Step 3: Mass and +12v to Destination

I brought the wire to the trunk and then to our destination,and now we need to bring mass.

I took the lamp from the lighter, did the place where I'll put put the shore and prepared it for injection.

Step 4: Test

I prepared the wire, and placed it on the lighter. One wire was left isolated, for any case.

The lighter is set and the only thing that's left is a test. I put a cellphone charger which showed that the lighter was connected appropriately

If something isn't clear to you, you are free to ask. :))

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