Introduction: 12V USB Charging Station

This project is an attempt to build a practical USB charging station that you can connect to your solar setup or car battery to allow the simultaneous charging of several USB devices, in my case for camping trips. The unit supports six high current USB ports and one cigarette lighter socket, for the late-night top-up of inflatable mattresses….

A display is included to keep an eye on the voltage and current and a 16A circuit breaker for protection against eager cigarette socket users. A pack of 18650's also found its way into the box at the end of the project, because there was space, and can be handy for a quick phone top-up if an external power source is not available.


Step 1: 3D Printed Parts

The enclosure was inspired by a design of Dimwit-Dave and the 18650 enclosure is a remix of a design from Heinz Spiess

Step 2: Wiring

The wiring is fairly simple as per the included circuit diagram. I would suggest you use 4mm² wire as far as possible.

Step 3: Assembly and Test

The USB adapters from Banggood performed as advertised, and delivered 2.1A per port. I have not tested the trip current on the circuit breaker as yet, but I am sure that it will be tested soon by some dodgy device being plugged into the cigarette lighter port.