Introduction: 12v LED for Into a Car

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NOTE: BEFORE READING. This was back when my English was really bad. I apologize.

An LED light is efficient, can last a long time, but if you buy an LED light with several LEDs that can not directly into the 12 volt socket of the car. If you follow the instructions of this instructable, you can make yourself some 12v LED! It is very useful if you're out at night. The LED light what i use is buyed from .

What you need:

  • Soldering iron
  • Solder
  • A old/broken 12v to USB car charger
  • A LED light with more LEDs
  • Red and black cables (small)

Step 1: Opening and Soldering

Make the first 12v to USB charger open (first turn off the bottom connection and, when necessary, the screw off), and then remove the PCB out, solder its spring and the piece of iron off. Solder the black cable to the piece of iron, and the red cable to the spring. If that is done, you solder the red wire to the bottom terminal of the LED light and the black cable to one of the two pieces that protrude from the side (does not matter which side). See the pictures.

Step 2: Melt the Housing

Melt with the soldering iron usb output bigger so it fits the LED light. Keep the soldering iron against the cling film. It stinks, but it is possible. Note: After soldering the plastic you have to unplug the soldering iron from the mains and wait until it is no longer so hot. Sand with the soldering iron clean. If you do not, it may be that the soldering iron can not solder well. See the picture.

Step 3: Last Step

First make the lamp in the molten hole, then put all things back, village center on the pictures above stand. Click or screw the two pieces together housing, and then do the fuse again. Tighten the connection of the 12V connector back on and then it's done!

Step 4: Finished!

Test it, and if it works, congratulations! Comment and put a picture down below of your creation! This is my first instructable.