Introduction: 12v Power From EGO Power 56v Battery

I have four EGO power tools. They are awesome and I love them. But I look at those 4 huge batteries and I'm sad. So much wasted potential...

I really want EGO to produce a 110V AC power source that runs on their batteries, but I got tired of waiting and decided to build something in the meantime.

Step 1: Buy Some Stuff

I bought three things for this project:

1. uxcell DC 48V Step-Down to DC 12V 20A 240W Waterproof Car Power Supply Module Voltage Converter Regulator Transformer

2. Ginsco Cigarette Lighter Socket Splitter 12V Dual USB 2A/1A Charger Power Adapter Outlet for Car Boat Marine Motorcycle Scooter RV DIY Kit (Black)

3. An extra EGO charger off of Ebay. $17. Free shipping.

Total project cost: $47.


I only want the charger for the reliable connection to the battery and the space to hold the parts.

Take it apart. Take most of the stuff out. Save it for other projects. I might put the fans back in if it seems I need them.

MORTAL DANGER: Looks like some big capacitors in there. Don't get shocked. If you don't know how to safely discharge and handle those, then I recommend that you carefully lift the whole 'guts' out by the AC cord and drop it in the trash. Don't touch the board or any of the components as you're disposing of it.

Step 3: Connect Your Stuff Together and Test It Out

You're going to do a bunch of connections. The battery charger (exterior) shows which slots (and therefore which wires) are positive and negative. Connect these to the input on your step-down.

I connected the output to a switch and then to the two outlets.

I use bolts with nuts to attach the wires together. Then I tape it up really well. I know, not professional but it's cheap and easy.

Visually check for shorts and logic before you add power. Once you're sure it's a good circuit then add the battery.

Use a volt-meter to test the output. I got 12.4ish which is not great but adequate.

Step 4: Mount the Components and Put It Together.

Drill some holes. I left room to attach the fan in case I decide I need it.

Step 5: Enjoy Your New-Found Power!

That's it. Pretty simple. Enjoy. I'll let you know if mine gets hot and I decide to add the fans.

In the meantime, head over to EGO's forum and tell them to add an inverter / power / light box to their product line.