Introduction: 12v Power Outlet - Motorcycle

Step 1: Adding a Power Outlet to Motorcycle...

My first one... Not too tidy but works...

Still at your own risk.

Items required:

Power outlet
Multimeter (to make things easier)
Additional wire (to connect to switched point in harness)
PVC pipe (a small piece)
Metal strip (I used one used in car Central locking)
Some electrical tape

Locate a suitable location to mount outlet, better if water proof area.
Insert outlet in a piece of suitable PVC pipe of a suitable length. Use metal strip to fix the outlet and pipe together. Make sure + & - are not shorted.

Mount the outlet.

Connect + end of outlet to wire that came with outlet.

Check for shortage between +&- again using multimeter.

Locate harness, find switched +point with the help of multimeter.
Connect wire with appropriate length to outlet wire and point in harness. Make sure you tape connections where required. I haven't taped yet. Still needs a toggle switch for better control specially when weather/bike is wet.

You should be good to go.

I'd recommend using a toggle switch between harness and outlet to be safe.