1:3 Scale Achievement Hunter Bookshelf

Introduction: 1:3 Scale Achievement Hunter Bookshelf

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I was tired of having a wide bookshelf taking up space, so I decided to build up! This is a modular shelf that is a 1:3 scale Tower Of Pimps straight from Achievement Hunter!

Step 1: Buying the Supplies

  1. The shelves themselves are 20 dollars each. I bought mine in a pack of six for $120. But, for our project you will only need 5. I bought these in black, so i wouldn't have to repaint the inside or the bottom obsidian piece.


Next, we bought 2 cans of an add on primer, because its all one order, we can use add on items to save some money.


Finally, I bought 4 cans of Rust Oleums Gloss Sun Yellow Paint


Additionally, I also used a couple rolls of painter's tape, which I already had lying around, though this is entirely optional.

That brings the total cost of the project to $144.88 or $124.88 if you only bought the 5 shelves

Step 2: Assembly and Paint Prep

2. Alright, we can put together one of the shelves, as we have no need to paint the obsidian piece. Thankfully, they come with handy instructions, as well as, adhesive tape already attached

Now comes the longest step. However, if you want the inside of your shelves to be gold along with the outside, completely optional.

I used painter's tape and masked off all of the inside portions of each piece. Its a tedious process that takes o couple of hours.

(I would recommend taping newspaper to the insides, rather than taping the whole thing. The tape will stick to the cheap black paint and ruin the interior if you remove it too fast)

Step 3: Painting

3. I used two coats of primer and three coats of paint on each piece.

If you don't have alot of experience with spray paint, remember to spray in an arch. Whereas, you begin spraying before you go over the piece. The embed Youtube video should show this more accurately.

Step 4: Remove Tape and Assemble

4. Finally, we can remove the tape and assemble!

the spray paint should have left the adhesive tape undamaged

Now stack them and be sure to shout 1 2 3 4! Just like our boys in AH

I also added one or two decals using black paint afterward to add some flair (Do not stack the shelves on top of each other unless you are putting it where it will permanently be. painted "wood" will leave impressions in the paint of the other shelves even if dry.)

Enjoy your scale model Tower Of Pimps with the function of storage! Please watch the embed Youtube video and drop a like or subription for more!

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    6 years ago

    This would be a good storage solution for our hall closet :)