Introduction: 14 Face Globe Knot Part 2 - How to Tighten

I have already published the instructable for the 14 face globe knot. This instructable is for those who are not familiar with the tightening process.

The rough layout of the knot looks like the top photo. The slack must be taken out. By pulling on the appropriate cords first reduce the size of the bight in the 3 o'clock position and in turn the 12 o'clock, 6 o'clock and the pulling out all the slack to the Working End. . Then proceed to double the knot by bringing the Working End next to the Standing End taking the same over under turns.

If you follow the parallel strands around the knot every time the strands across OVER a set of strands that is one face. When you get back to where you started the count that is the number of faces in the knot (14 in this case)

Step 1:

Fold the doubled knot over your fingers.

Step 2:

Starting with the Standing End follow the knot around pulling on both strands of each face

Step 3:

When you have completed this process (left photo) pull on the Working End and go around the faces again taking out the slack with only one strand for each face.

Step 4:

Insert the core and tighten the knot in the same manner. First by pulling slack in both strands of each face and then one strand.

Step 5:

Now begin the tripling process. Take a hemostat or needle nose pliers and pull the working end under the correct places until the knot is complete.

Step 6:

Then ONE strand at a time start to pull the slack out of the knot. You go around the knot 3 times for each stage in the tightening process (one time for each ply of the knot). In the third stage I took the slack out in the opposite direction.