Introduction: 14V 7000mAh Li-ion Battery for DJI Phantom FC40

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Building video of a compact 14V 7000mAh 8 cells Li-ion high density battery and "Y" type wiring designed to work as a secondary / paralleled battery for a DJI Phantom FC40 drone.

In this case the battery works without electronics (as a Lipo Pack) so the discharge goes raw through the main leads (XT60) and charge is always done as a "balancing charge" with any balancing charge hobby charger like "IMAX B6"

Although the increment in energy were a 133% higher than its original 3000mAh Lipo Battery, the practical range is not a 133% higher, because the differences in weight in a drone makes a dramatic difference. In this case the range (flight time) were doubled.


- 4 serial, 2 paralleled 3.5Ah 3C Sanyo NCR18650 GA 18650 Lithium-ion cells.

- spot welded with twin layers of 0.12mm x 7mm of pure nickel.

- 4s balancing wires (JST-XH)- 16 AWG wires.

- XT60 discharge port

- total weight: 390gr


- 20A continuous capability (300W)

- 40A burst capability (600W)