Introduction: 15 Minute Gate

About: I am an aspiring sound designer who loves to build. I like thinking about presented ideas from a new perspective. The best part about running into a problem is figuring out how to fix it.

Here is a very simple and fast gate that you can use to block off the top or bottom of you deck stair way or to use anywhere else. This gate is very attractive and has a very simple and has an easy to use locking mechanism.

Step 1: Materials

Materials you will need:
  1. 2X 7/8 inch eye bolts
  2. Decorative metal fence
  3. (These gates are originally fences that are supposed to be put together but work great as a simple gate)
  4. 2 metal stakes that are are suposed to go with the gate
  5. Plastic chair leg capper
  6. 1 inch drill bit
  7. 2/8th inch drill bit
Tools you will need:
  1. screw driver
  2. screw gun

Step 2: Connecting the Eye Bolts

  1. Drill a 1/8th inch polit hole to manually screw in the eye bolt
  2. (when screwing the bolt in make sure there is enough space for the gate to move freely and not scrape along the ground
  3. Measure the length of the space between the two loops   
  4. (I found it to be 26 inches on the Lowes gate)

Step 3: Attaching the Gate

  1. Drill a 2/8 inch deep hole in the floor for the pole to be sturdy
  2. Put the gate on top of the eye bolts so that it has enough strength to hold up the gate
  3. Then slide in the metal pole and fit it into the hole

Step 4: Making the Locking Mechanism

This is the most simplest lock mechanism i could think of
  1. Drill a 2/8th inch deep and inch wide hole under the other loop of the gate
  2. Slide the pole through the loops and put the plastic chair leg cap on the bottom
  3. This prevents it from sliding back through the loop 
  4. The pole should just slide into the hole now preventing it from moving

Step 5: Finishing Up

Now all thats left to do is paint the holes that you drilled and admire your work