15 Simple Life Hacks / Home Hacks

Introduction: 15 Simple Life Hacks / Home Hacks

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I love making something. And I love make something easier and better. Now i will show you "15 Simple Life Hacks / Home Hacks" You can follow my hacks easily. Ok let's get started!!!

Step 1: Pick Up Something That Had Fall on the Sidelines of the Rooms

Did you ever dropped something in the corner of the house?

try this method!

Step 2: Tidying USB Cables

do you have lots of messy cables in your home?

try to tidying your cables with this way!!

Step 3: Hanging Kitchen Equipment

do you want to take your kitchen equipment quickly and easily ?

Use magnets!

Step 4: Clean a Mirror / Glass

Your mirror / glass is dirty? try this!

Step 5: Check the Temperatures. Fast Way

Want to know how the temperature now?

Use Thermometer and put the thermometer near the exit door!

Step 6: Hanging the Dolls

Do you have a lot of dolls for display? look this way!

Step 7: Mini Tools Box

Are you have a many mini tools?

want to keep it good?
use mini box!

Step 8: Best Place to Hide Your Money!

Do you often lose your money?
hide your money now!

Step 9: Fix Broken Cables

Usb cable is very often damaged.!?
use this method to solve it.!

Step 10: Fix Scratched Walls

your door handle is leave a mark and scratched on the wall of your house?
try to fix it with FOAM TAPE.

Step 11: SAVE WATER!!!

Your water bill is very Expensive??
maybe because you wasted your water in your closets.

solve it now!

Step 12: Fix Jammed Doors

Your door is jammed?
try to clean the underneath with a ruler.

It will help.

Step 13: Clean Your Wall

walls of your house is dirty.

try to clean with this way

Step 14: Clean the Dirt From Sport Equipment

have sports equipment?
Sometimes the sports equipment that leave a dirt. so fix that with this method!

Step 15: Cleaning the Sawdust

Like making wood craft with saw?

it will be leave the sawdust.

lets clean the sawdust!!

Step 16: All Steps Is Finish.

My 15 simple life hacks is finish.

Sorry for my bad english.

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Thank you very much for looks my work.

I am sorry for my bad english. :)

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    6 years ago

    Do you not have spackling in Indonesia and how does the Rubber Spring repair a broken cable? I admire your knowledge of a 2nd language, Bravo! Something has been lost in translation of Instructable however.



    Reply 6 years ago

    Zapp, I don't think it will repair, but it can stop damage if you put it on as soon as you get new cords; just about any spring or cord that supports will work (even tape or wire wrapped tightly.)


    Reply 6 years ago

    sorry for that. Btw thanks for look my work! :)