Introduction: 15 Minutes Newspaper Kite That Really Flies!

My kids and I like kites.
We had a pair of kites, some very long string, and we live just by the desert -- so wind is strong and steady.

But flying kites you buy is not as fun as flying kites you build.
So here's an instructable for creatign your very own small kite, which flies very well.

Note: After a number of uses these kites wear out, so once every few weeks you have to buld them again. More fun!!

Step 1: Materials Needed

You will need:
- Newspaper
- Wood sticks/rods (the ones used in BBQs are just fine)
- Ruler
- Scissors
- Glue
- Wire
- Little stickers

Step 2: Paint the Newspaper!

Not you, your kids.

This is the fun part!
It will help your kids connect to the kites. It also helps them identify which kite belongs to whom.

Use a half-lenght newspaper page.

Hint: Use markers or pencils to paint the newspaper. Do not use watercolors or any heavy paint that can make one side of the kite heavier than the other.

Step 3: Cut Measurements

The wood sticks will be cut to 30cm long. That's the short lenght of a half newspaper page.
The newspaper have to be cut, I recommend the measurements in the pics.

Cut two long strip of newspaper and glue to the bottom of the kite, close to the wood rods. A sticker will do fine.
This will help the kite stay stable on air

Step 4: Wire It, Fly It

Connect the two wholes with, say 45 cm of wire. Make a little knot on the middle (to connect the long flying wire).

Go to somewhere with stable wind (no need for strong wind, stable is enough) and fly them. Let your kids fly them alone, it's a very easy kite!

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