Introduction: 15 Sided Ninja Star!!! Waachow!

Learn how to make this cool 15 sided ninja star from my Instuctables

(this instructable is dedicated to Matt LeCocki)

Step 1: What You Need!

15 pieces of square paper
pair of hands
eyes to watch and look at instructables
brain to think
heart to live
and soul to concentrate!
and your ninja way...
(as in deadly ninja, good ninja, gay ninja, naruto ninja, and or super ninja)
(or just plain old normal ninja...)

Step 2: All Steps...

this is a one whole step thingy but i think you should see the more detail things too...

Step 3: First... and Second... and Third...!

as you see fold the paper in half vertically or horizontally... then do the other side to so after you fold there will be a cross looking crease on the paper...

Step 4: Fourth! Fifth! Sixth! Seventh! and Eighth!!!

fold the corners of the square into the middle until the paper looks like a dimond!

Step 5: 9, 11, 10, 12 !!!

take the straight line from the bottom left hand side and fold it in to the middle line/crease! and then repeat for the other side! after this it should look like a kite!

Step 6: To Finish It Off! (just One Piece...)

13-17!!! okay first turn it around so you don't see and line indents but you only see a flat kite shaped surface. now at the shorter end of the paper or the top, fold down so basically this step is on the backside bring back top flap so it looks like a mini triangle on a tall triangle.
after that is done then you fold the two triangle looking thing in half so that you can see the small triangle on the fold/bend.

Step 7: Okay... Almost There...

now make 14 more of these... you can make different colors or all colors just make sure all the pieces are the same size...

Step 8: Oh Yea...

now after 15 pieces are completed... to connect these!!!
on the right angle of the foldeed triangle on the back it should look like two flaps or holes.and in the front of an other triangle are two points. now stab the two points into the two holes.

Step 9: WAACHOW!

bam! WAAAAACHOW!!! your done after you connect all 15 pieces and theres a circle in the middle of it. yay. later i will put a video...