Introduction: 15 Way to Love to School

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This instructables is harvest from my school days experiences .
Now I share them with you . They are nice , bad , danger , hot , cold and pretty ... .
Maybe , they can useful for you .

Overview :

1- Discipline
2- Study
3- Friends
4- Behavior
5- Harmonize
6- Sleep & awake
7- Innovation
8- Breakfast
9- Play and game
10- Sport
11- Homework
12- Nature
13- Experiment
14- Conversation
15- Test

If you have a question about this 15 way , please PM me .

Step 1: Discipline

Cloth and body are the most important part of discipline . Endeavor to go to bathroom about 3 once each week . And your dress be arranger . It isn't important your dress get dirty while you play , for example with soil .
Also it's better you use clean socks everyday .

Step 2: Study

It's better you practice your today lessons today . It means if you learn a lesson today , you should practice it today , and you shouldn't release it for a week .
After 15 minute reading , rest for 2-5 minute .

Step 3: Friends

Endeavor to find your friends look your personality . Don't be friend with a unfit friend and have a mutual friendship .

Step 4: Behavior

Be good-tempered ! and diminish your screams . Be nice with your friends , students , school and teachers .

Step 5: Harmonize

Hit-off with your school . Don't endeavor for war with school . Like your school , Harmonization your practice and have a average or better grade in your school .

Step 6: Sleep & Awake

Be awake 45 minute before your start school time . Important : Don't sleep late , for example in midnight . The best time for sleep is between 8 - 11 clock . 8 hour sleep is necessary for growing up . If you sleep enough , you are healthy in school , else you are tired .

Step 7: Innovation

Have innovation in your study , homework and life . Endeavor to be different from other and make new things .

Step 8: Breakfast

Eat breakfast every day . Don't go to school without breakfast . If you can drink milk in you breakfast and eat healthy foods . For example fruit is the best . Fresh and healthy . If you haven't breakfast your learning percent in school get low .

Step 9: Play and Game

Allocate a suitable time for your playing . Also play movable games and enjoy from your playing and games .
Also harmonize your playing with your school and homework .

Step 10: Sport

Choose a sport and practice it ordered . With sport school fatigue get liquidation and make you ready for study . It's better you practice your sport in a suitable place , for example in a sport club .

Step 11: Homework

Do your homework in a suitable time and don't do them in midnight . It's better you do your today homework today . Be moderate in do homework .

Step 12: Nature

It's better you go to nature in weekends or vacations . You can go to mountains , lakes or sea . This work give you merriment and fresh sensation .
Also you can learn and practice lessons in nature . Nature is the best place for study .

Step 13: Experiment

Experiment your lessons (If they are triable) . With experiment you can see your lessons really . If you have enough money you can buy a cheap microscope or other experiment thing . For example I save my money from last year and now buy a cheap telescope . Remember for experiment you don't need a expensive tools . For example you can go to nature and see the small insects .

Step 14: Conversation

Speak with people , teachers , students and special mans . They can teach you many things . For example you can interview with a VIP and write the conversations , then report it in your class . If you conversation right , it can bump-up your grade . Don't abhor from conversation with elder mans .
Also be careful in your conversations . Don't conversation with a unfit man , they can be danger for you .

Step 15: Test

Tests are bad and abhor for many students . Don't fear from them . If you know and practice your lessons , you haven't fear from them . I'm not attentive for my tests . If I understand my lessons and take a bad test , I didn't uncomfortable . Because understand a lesson is more important than a grade .

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