Introduction: 1.6. Environment Settings | Learn SelfCAD

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Step 1: Vignette Pass

Vignette Pass is a light of the entire environment. At the images, you can see the same scene when Vignette Pass is set to 0 and when it's set to 100. You can also change the color of this type of light.

Step 2: Ambient Light

Ambient Light has no source, so the color is evenly added to each object from each direction. You can change the color of this type of light.

Step 3: Dock Light

To explain the Dock light to the scene checkbox I should tell you about the rest four types of light first. They are available after turning them on from the drop-down list. These are Camera Light, Key Light, Fill Light and Back Light. All these four lights have their source, so they illuminate some surfaces, while others do not. In the image above. When rotating the scene all these light sources move with the camera, but you can dock them to the scene to keep them in one place.

You can change the color and intensity of all these types of light.

Step 4: Next Lesson

Now you know everything about the interface and settings in SelfCAD. I think we can start doing our project.

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