Introduction: 16 Note Midi Controller

Midi Controller with Arduino Nano based on the code found in Notes and Volts (

Step 1:

Drilled holes on wooden panel for buttons and made Arduino Nano and 16 channel Multilexer circuit in order to have 16 Digital pins.

Step 2:

Soldered button wiring and of every other element like midi input (with stereo 6.35 jack) and slider potentiometer.

Step 3:

Closed the bottomof box with lid and put spacers. A midi to jack connector is used to connect the device to a midi unterface, Usb mini of Arduino Nano to power the device.

Step 4:

Finally the box was painted and Protto Putty as made in The King of Random style in order to create a pad-like surface for the buttons.

Also with the help of this page ( the Midi cc numbers of the data entry buttons and slider where set.

If you have any suggestion upon how to modify the code in order to set two octave transpose buttons, please advice.

Thank you.