17 Cool Ways to Use Clamps




Introduction: 17 Cool Ways to Use Clamps

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Clamps are great to use for all kinds of different jobs, no matter whether you need an extra pair of hands around, you want to organize, or you just need some clever solutions for different projects. Here are 17 cool ways of using clamps that'll make your life easier!

Step 1: Clamping & Holding

1. Clamp your camera anywhere!

Clamp your point-and-shoot camera or cellphone to the wheel of your car for some really cool footage.

2. Extended Hand

Use the clamp to pick up things you may not want to touch or can't reach - like rocks in the river.

3. Directed Light

Need light? Clamp a small flashlight anywhere for very specific, directed light.

4. Holding Power
Gather flowers for a bouquet in a clamp as you're picking.

Step 2: Closing, Organizing, Holding

5. Close paper bags

Close any bags that need closing, such as flour bags in the kitchen.

6. Organize cords.

To prevent extension cords from tangling, simply tie one up with a clamp

7. Innovative sound recording.

Want to record sound in an outdoor, or challenging environment but don't know how to attach the mic? Clamp it to anything in your surroundings.

8. Secure pipe when drilling.

Looking to drill a hole in a pipe but it's hard to keep the pipe in place? Clamp it to a piece of wood and it'll be much easier to drill through.

Step 3: Hanging, Closing, Throwing, Securing

9. Hanging bucket with cleaning supplies.

To make life easier for you when you're cleaning, bring a clamp along so you can clamp your bucket to anywhere, that way your supplies will be easy at hand.

10. Closing a bag with a broken zipper

If the zipper on your bag is broken and you need to temporarily close it, just use a clamp.

11. Throwing a dirty stick to your dog

Dog wants to play fetch but you don't want to touch the dirty stick? Pick it up with a clamp.

12. Instantly attaching fabric to anything

Need a quick no-sew curtain, or drapes? Just clamp a piece of fabric to some wood, a pipe or whatever else you have to work with.

13. Securing wood when drilling or cutting

Whether you're using the table saw or the drill press, clamping down the wood or the fence can make the task a lot safer and easier.

Step 4: Clamping, Tools, Selfie Stick, Moulding

14. Clamping a recipe to your kitchen cabinet

Need access to your recipe when cooking or baking, but don't want it to be in the way? Just clamp it to the kitchen cabinet door so you can easily see it, without having it be in the way.

15. Making a wall tool caddy

Some clamps (such as the Bandy Clamp) have a rubber band attached to them. Remove the rubber band, and drill it to the wall for an instant wall tool caddy.

16. Make a selfie stick

Using a piece of wood, a clamp and a cell phone or point-and-shoot camera, clamp the camera to the stick!

17. Attaching edge molding

Using a clamp with a band, glue the molding to the wood, and clamp to hold in place while drying.

Step 5: Conclusion - Watch the Video

For a better look and a lot more fun, check out the video!

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    6 years ago

    I love this! I especially appreciate your skill of thinking along all 3 axis of space in terms of ways to use clamps. Does that make sense?

    Although - I would highly recommend just getting a ChuckIt for playing with your pup :)

    doo da do
    doo da do

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, I used a couple small office clamps to put up a curtain. (temporary)


    7 years ago on Step 5

    I put a spring clamp on a stack of napkins the other day to both keep them together in a picnic bag as well as weigh the stack down and keep them from blowing off the picnic table once we got to the picnic.

    I also use them around extension cords to keep them wound up.


    7 years ago

    Those are cool clamps with the strap inside. I've never seen those.
    Where did you buy them from, or did you make them yourself?