Introduction: $18 Robot - Fully Running in 2hours

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That was fun!

I recently came across a small kit of robot parts that got my attention because it was that cheap. According to the kit all parts (wheels, body, cable, CONTROLLER!, ... ) are included.

To be honest I was pessimistic and thought this might be a catch. BUT: stay cool and see what happened


you may need following tools (which usually are present in well sorted DIY household :) )

  • philips screw driver
  • soldering iron

and the parts

  • robot kit can be bought here (other places have them too, but I didnt find it somewhere cheaper)

Step 1: Step 1: Assembly

I had to look a couple of times to the original pictures of the kit. So in case you want to give it a try - I took some pictures for reference.

The assembly steps are

  • attaching the free rotating wheel
  • fix the two motors with the clamping parts (see pictures)
  • clip the two wheels to the motor shaft
  • use the hex-bolts with the screws and fix them to the base plate (yes, you may smile - even the bolts were included)
  • finally attach controller and motor driver to the hex bolts

Thats it. Next step is wiring.

Step 2: Step 2: Wiring

Don't panic - wiring is less a headache than it looks. Please find an overview here:

Motor Cables (each 2pins)

  • each motor gets 1 wire - see picture
  • any pinning is ok - you will later figure out by rotation direction of the wheel if you need to swap wires

Power Cables (each 2pins)

  • 2pcs of power cables need
  • the battery box supplies power and comes with red (+) and black (-) cable

  • red is (+)

  • black is (-)
  • red (+) should go to the motor driver pin +12V (the red board) - see picture
  • black (-) should go to the motor driver pin GND (the red board) - see picture
  • from there you can directly use the bullet connector and supply the arduino controller with it -- or solder directly to the connect, as I did
  • Note: there is 1 addition pin next to +12V, GND - its called +5V, please leave this pin open - see picture

Motor Driver Cable (4pins)

  • 1pcs of cable (brown, red, orange, yellow)
  • this cable starts at the motor driver - see picture
  • the other side of that cable goes to the controller to pins 2, pin 3, pin 4 and pin 5 - see picture
  • this cable controls direction and speed of the motor

Distance Sensore Cable (3pins)

  • 1pcs of cable (orange, red, brown)
  • this cable starts at the sensor (its hard wired)
  • the other end of this cable goes to controler pin 10 - see picture

Thats it! Next step: programming.

Step 3: Step 3: Programming

Well that is the last part and actually the last step before the beast is grabbing the road.

For those who never used Arduino before - lets have a really brief intro:

  • Arduino is a programming IDE for Arduino Controllers (like the blue board)
  • Arduino IDE can be downloaded free of charge ! however its preferred to donate if you can spare a dollar
  • You can modify the behaviour of the robot by programming and loading the modified program to the arduino board
  • We connect the blue board via USB to the computer (I prefer a usb hub in between computer and arduino board)
  • Load the programm and done
  • If you need support using Arduino IDE let me know

For the ones that need a kickstart:

  • download Arduino IDE here download
  • download the source code from this page schneller_blitz.ino
  • start Arduino IDE and open the source code
  • compile
  • upload
  • run!

Now its your turn to modify the code and have fun with that tiny guy.

Step 4: Summary

Some additional pictures from the robot are attached.

  • If you have questions - let me know.
  • If you have more ideas on what to do with it - let me know.
  • If you did build it - well send me pictures and lets share ideas!

Thats all guys.

Thanks for reading!