Introduction: 18650 Battery Charger

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Hey guys Kester here! Today I'll be showing you guys how to make a 18650 battery charger! Without further a do, let's get started!

Step 1: Patreon

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Step 2: Video

Step 3: Components Needed

You will need the following components:

- 3.5 Inches by 4.5 Inches Piece of Wood
- (4) 18650 Batteries
- (4) TP4056 Charging Modules
- 18650 Battery Holder
- Double Sided Tape

Step 4: Tape

Add the tape on the backs of the TP4056 boards.

Also add tape on the back of the battery holder.

Step 5: Battery Holder

Now place the battery holder onto the piece of wood.

Step 6: TP4056

Now add the TP4056 boards above the battery holder.

Step 7: Negative

Solder the negative wire to the corresponding negative pin.

Step 8: Positive

Solder the positive wire to the corresponding positive pin.

Step 9: Batteries

Put the batteries in the slots.

Step 10: Test

Test each board to make sure it turns on.


You just built your very own 18650 battery charger!

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