Introduction: 18v Mod (guitars W/ EMGs) in 2 Minutes - TOOLLESS SOLDERLESS REVERSIBLE & NO NEW PARTS

cut, join, tape. DONE. (shown outside guitar for visibility - use *existing* clip & don't detach!!!)

Step 1: Split Existing 9v Clip

Get to the 9v clip, carefully remove rear sleeve, and cut in two without detaching or damaging either wire

Step 2: Attach 1 Half-clip to Each Battery & Join

They're sized differently so you can't mess up polarity, doing it backwards is impossible.

Step 3: Tape It Up

Just click em together and tape it all around to secure hold.

Step 4: ..and PROFIT!


PS fresh batteries read >9v each, that's OK. ~17-19v is good, if less replace your old battery. never use a drained battery with a fresh one. if no tester available, use two new batteries instead

Step 5: Reversal Info & 27v Option

27v is pushing it for EMGs, supposedly. do at your risk with fresh batteries, who knows if 28-29v could be harmful and zap the preamp....not sure