Introduction: Internet Protocol

One of the private internet protocol addresses (IPv4) constructed for private use is An internet protocol address is called private if the IP belongs to one among the IP address ranges that are used privately by www standard groups. Like other default addresses, this IP address is also implemented as a default IP address by many wireless router manufacturers. The moment a user enter this address in the address bar on the browser he will be able to make changes in the wireless route configuration setting. People can also look at the router guide or browse the internet to get the default username and password of admin to see the default account information. Soon after they get access to the configuration settings they will be allowed to change the password as well as default address of the router.

How does Internet protocol address work

· Internet protocol addresses consist of 32 bit numbers which are assigned to the devices having the ability to connect to the network.

· The devices include computers, printers, mobile devices and routers.

· The internet protocol address is mainly used for network addressing and identification. Of the 32 bit numbers that makes the IP address, each and every number is referred to octets as they have 8 positions in the binary form. Each of the bits can be either 0 or 1 and on or off. Thus, it sums up a total of 256 ranging from 0 to 255. Among the total address space there are sets restricted for performing as an external address. Some of them are called private addresses. 192.168.o.1 is one among the private IP addresses that has restriction to be an external IP address.

How does private IP address work

The internet assigned number authority or IANA define the above mentioned address as the private address. IANA defines a predetermined range of addresses which are reserved only for private use. These addresses are usually used on individual machine or local network for certain tasks. If any of the networked devices try to use a secured or private address as an identifier, it will be failed to connect with the internet. In addition to this feature, networked devices located outside the network will also fail to connect with a networked device or computer that uses a private internet protocol address. These kinds of connections are compelled to go through the router or device than implements NAT or network address translation offering another security layer for the local home or business network. is most commonly utilized as the default IP address of D link or netgear to configure local router. Some other commonly used addresses for routers are and These two addresses are also in the range of reserved addresses designed for private use by IANA. The major use of a default address is allowing network administrators or end users to connect with the network router for configuring the internet connection, conducting network administrator functions as well as change the security settings of the network.