1940's Vanity Make Over/Shabby Chic Style

Introduction: 1940's Vanity Make Over/Shabby Chic Style

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Hello, sharing my paint/make over of my 1940'S era waterfall vanity. I bought this vanity from another fellow "picker" and it had some major issues/ water damage peeling veneer- the first picture is after I peeled off and fixed some veneer on it. The structure was also wobbly, so I nailed and fixed it back to every day use status. Mirror is original, so I was so happy to get this, as I have seen many with no mirror or damaged mirrors.

1. I took off the veneer that was to damaged and peeling to save.

2. sanded the body down, so the paint would adhere to the frame.

3. used one coat of primer, to give a nice finish

4. Used bright teal paint and vintage white paint for first coat on vanity.

5. added vintage 1930's/40's reproduction advertising papers / with mod -podge technique to front of drawers-mix of white Elmer's school glue and water-

6. added vintage type writer key print to knobs

7. distressed to give it a shabby chic feel, with high grit industrial grade sand paper.

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    8 years ago

    I have the same vanity but I restored it (years ago). I think I like yours better.