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Introduction: 1970s Inspired Crocheted Potholders

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Before I had children, I had this awesome craft room where the walls were decorated in vintage crochet patterns, all placed in floating frames.  <Big sigh....>

I wish I had taken a photo of the room to reminisce.

Anyway, in the now-packed-away stash of crochet patterns that USED TO BE wall decorations, I found this 1971 dated leaflet called "this 'n' that" - crocheted with washable rug yarn, published by Columbia Minerva.  One of the more colorful leaflet patterns I have from that stash, I used the photos to create a crochet pattern of my own, using standard weight acrylic yarn, and felt for the "classic" 1970's decor that I imagine must have been standard decor in the kitchen during that era.

As the pattern was for rug yarn, I literally started from scratch with the pattern, and made two different types of potholder crochet patterns for the various crocheting ranges that may be interested in a relatively quick project that could potentially use up scrap yarn.
As an experienced crocheter, it took me about 2-1/2 hours to crochet the pot holders themselves, and at least an hour to sew on the embellishment.

I also attached the files I made for my felt patterns for your use.  (See step 4.)  Please DO NOT sell these patterns, but feel free to sell ANYTHING you create from them.

A shout-out to the crocheted potholder pattern that has come before me on this site:
Super Simple Single Crochet Pot Holder by Crystals Creations

Read on to get started on these!

Step 1: Materials, Tools and Notes

Crochet basics and help can be found here: Video
Photos1, Photos2

A word on gauge:
Gauge is not needed for this project, however, if you know you are a loose stitch crocheter (like myself) use a type G hook.  If you tend to be a tight-stitch crocheter then I suggest using a size H hook or a size I hook.
Final potholder size was about 7-inches x 7-inches.
If you do not know what any of the above sentences mean, please refer to the crochet help and look up how to crochet on this website.

ch: chain
sl: slip
st: stitch
sc: single crochet
sp: space

These potholders were made with acrylic yarn in varying lengths.
All units are English.

Materials & Tools:
various skein colors of 4-ply acrylic yarn
Size G crochet hook (PLEASE see note about gauge above)
yarn needle
1/2-inch to 3/4-inch button

Optional Embellishment Materials & Tools:
copy of patterns from Step 4
various colors of felt
embroidery needle and various or matching colors of thread
optional sewing machine or thread & needle to sew pieces together

Step 2: Crochet Potholder Pattern in a Round

Potholder is made in a round.

Ch 25. (Foundation chain made.)

Round 1:
Sc in 2nd ch from hook, 22 sc across.  Do not turn.  Working in opposite loops of foundation ch, sc in next 23 st. Do not join.

Round 2:
Sc in top of skipped ch of round 1. Place stitch marker.   Sc around.

Round 3 - 19:
Sc in next st of round below and move stitch marker in new first st; sc in each st in round until piece measure about 6-1/2 inches.  Finish off.
Sew in loose ends.

After embellishments are added (Step 4) close opening with edging.

Edging is worked through both thicknesses:
Sl st in the top left hand corner (where the loop will be).  Ch 2, sc in same st and in each st across to last st; 2 sc in last st.
Do not finish off.
Ch 21, sl st in 6th st from hook.  Finish off and weave in any loose ends.

Sew button to opposite side of embellishment.

Step 3: Crochet Potholder - Row Pattern

Make 2.

Ch 21.

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each st across; turn (20-sts)

Row 2: Ch 1, sc in each st across; turn (20-sts)

Row 3-17: Repeat row 2 until piece is equal in length and height.

Finish off.  Weave in all loose ends.

Place felt embellishment on one side of potholder if desired.

Place wrong sides together to stitch edging around.

Edging row goes through both thicknesses:
Sl st in upper left hand corner; ch 2; *19 sc across edge, 2 sc in corner st, * repeat from * to * twice more, 19 sc across top of piece to first st, sc in corner of beginning 2 ch, sl st in top of 2 ch; ch 21, sl st in 6th ch from hook and finish off.

Weave in all loose ends.

Place button on opposite side of embellishment.

Step 4: Add Embellishments

I used felt for the embellishments on these potholders and attached them to the crocheted potholders with a mixture of machine sewing and embroidery.

Because I hope you make these potholders "your own," my intent for this step is to only give you guidelines of how I did the optional embellishments.

The photos are just for reference.
First I cut out the patterns from the paper copy I printed.
Next I placed the patterns on the felt and cut the felt versions out.
Finally I embroidered the felt patterns onto one side of the potholder and finished it off with the edge patterns shown in steps 2 and 3.

For the daisy-like flowers I chained 130 and sewed a point into the center at about every 15 or 16 stitches.

I used embroidery stitches such a blanket stitch around the butterfly, split stitch around the fish and french knots on the sunflower.

As I said before, these pot holders were inspired by that 1971 leaflet. 
Good thing I have the internet to look up all these great tutorials.
I hope you think this is one of them!
Thanks for reading and please contact me with any errors about the patterns.

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Thank you!
My daughter picked the colors for the butterfly one and hung it in her room! I hope I get around to making the cherry and apple ones. Those are more of my taste. =)