Introduction: YG-Scanner:Budget 3D Scanner($199)&Holographic 3D Creater

About: 3D Scanning/Holographic 3D

We created an affordable laser 3D Scanner-YG-Scanner and Holographic 3D Creater。

Our Targets:

1 An affordable 3D Scanner.(<300USD).

2 The Scanner should be easy-to-use by everyone not just professional users.

3 It can Calibrate itself without any Extra facility like calibration board.

4 Scanned data could be directly converted to Anaglyph/VR/Holographic 3D for the maker and the teachers.

5 Support Plug & Play.

6 Only one USB cable for power supply and data transfer.

We also designed a big holographic projecter(DIY), it will be described in another project later.

Let me show you how to meet these targets.

Step 1: Low Cost Acrylic Device

Why is Acrylic Glass(PMMA)

1 3D printing is very nice for design ,but for the big size printing, lots of hours were taken.and the fitting of each part depended on the quality of 3D printer. if you do not have one expensive 3D printer, the work should be time consumming for printing resolution is not good.

2 For the Acrylic Glass, we can cut it with laser cutting easily and with high cutting resolution. The fitting of each part is nice.It can save lots of time for you.

So we decided to use Acrylic to build our 3D Scanner.

One PCB board for low cost

We use only one USB board for the control of step motor,laser,camera,USB data transfer.Compared to the system with multiple PCB like Arduino, it reduced the numbers of cables and also reduced the cost.

If you want to try one, you can find it here:

Step 2: Calibration Board Free

Calilbration is an essential part for 3D Scanning. Normally the calibraion board is used for the calibration becuase we can use opencv to Calibrate it easily.

But the calibraiton board is rarely used thing.Sometimes, when we want to use it ,we can not find it.So we decided to use a new method and Algorithm to make the calibration board free.Then you will never suffer from the missing of Calibraiton board.

Our new method turned out to be working nicely, the resolution of scanning could be reached as low as 0.2mm.

You can check it in the attached files bellow.

Step 3: Easy to Use

1, To make your table clean(not jungles of cables), YG-Scanner only uses one USB cable for the power supply and data transfer.

2 Plug and play

3 Basically only one slider is used for the adjustment of camera and the enviroment light.

Step 4: Holographic/VR/Anaglyph 3D Creater

The scanned data could be directly converted to Holographic/VR/Anaglyph 3D videos by our software.You need do nothing for the conversion.

The video achived could be used in education or your personal 3D Studio.

The big Holographic projector by Respberry Pi we made will be introduced here:

Step 5: Could Be DIY

YG-Scanner is mainly constructed by Acrylic, so it can be DIY for DIYers.

if you want to try one, you can find here.

The instructables of DIY will be update later.

Any comments or advice or discussion are welcome if you are interested in 3D Scanning/Holographic 3D.