Introduction: 1x10 LED Audio Spectrum.

Hi! Its Zakriya Paracha, and I have designed and created 1x10 led Audio Spectrum. This is a really cool project and it is also easily affordable.


1-Arduino Neno

2-Sound sensor for Arduino

3-Ten LEDs

4-Two 820 ohm resistors


6- female headers


1-Soldering Iron

2-Time and Patience

Step 1: Testing and Setup the Components.


Well It is pretty straight forward process, i pull all of my Leds in a parallel circuit and test them at once. the damaged Leds were swapped by working ones.


firstly, connect sound sensor to the arduino, and use (analog input) example to test the sensor, check serial plotter for input, then use screw driver to change the variable resistor value and fine adjust the base of input graph at somewhere between (450-550). then create some sounds and check for fluctuation in graph, if you got them, you are good to go.

Step 2: Circuit Designing and Schematics.

I have attached a rough but simple andself expianatory diagram of the curcuit.


-Resistor values are (820 ohm)(we used two resistor to keep the analog output smooth at 510-520 )

-Led 1 to 10 is connected to (D3 to D12)

-Analog output of the sound sensor is used


- Use both grounds pins of Arduino.

-Take your time, and avoid the fumes.

-dont over complex the circuit.

Step 3: Writing Code

As this is a Projects for beginners , I kept the program super simple.

variable (W) is for waiting, it is for making the led dance smoother. and i use simple if/else logic to make it work,The ino file is attached, fell free to change and Use.

Step 4: Ending

The finalized device cost me, 6$ and 1 day. And in return i get some Experience, knowledge and most importantly i had alot of fun, I encourage you to learn something new each day, and have fun.

Also check the summary of whole project.


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