Introduction: $2 Dog Toy "Fishing Pole"

Always looking for new ways to interact and play with our American Eskimo, Nova, I saw this "fishing pole" type toy on a video somewhere and decided to try and make it myself to be customizable to any toy you can wrap a string around. It's super simple and only costs about $2 in materials. If you're tired of playing the same tug game with rope or fetch, this can be a great way to let your dog get some energy out while still interacting with him or her.

Tools Needed
Drill (optional)
Candle (optional but recommended)

Parts Needed
About 2ft 1/2" (or smaller) PVC Pipe.
About 6 ft Nylon Paracord.
Doy Toy (any toy you can tie a cord to).

You can get pre-cut sections of PVC at your local hardware store for about $1 or 8 ft for $2 if you need some for other projects. If you don't already have some nylon paracord lying around, you can pick it up in 50 or 100 ft bundles for a few dollars (we're using less than a dollar's worth).

Step 1: Attach Paracord to Pipe

To make things easier, I drilled a small hole at one of the pipe and tied a knot. If you don't have a drill handy, you'll want to make a really big knot to prevent the cord from slipping off.

I let the paracord go through the pipe and cut it at around 4-6 ft. You can wrap any extra around the end and make a handle. Use the candle or other flame to carefully melt the ends of the paracord so they don't fray.

Step 2: Attach a Toy and Play!

Attach the end of the rope to your toy and have a great time with your dog watching him or her jump around and playing tug. The best part is that you can change the toy for a new game whenever you want!

Check out our website, Soft Puppy Warm House, for more DIY ideas for your puppy.