Introduction: 2 Ingredient All-Natural Tile Cleaner

If you are a big fan of natural, non-toxic products, as well as having a clean house, then this 2-ingredient tile cleaner is definitely for you! While I have found that this mixture works best on tile, it also does an amazing job removing hard water stains from bathtubs. I hope that you try it out!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials and "ingredients"

For the mixture, you will need:

  • baking soda (you are cleaning a whole room, you will probably need about 4-5 standard containers)
  • white vinegar (a gallon will last you many uses)

The tools that you need:

  • a bowl and spoon
  • scrub brushes
  • a towel or rag

Step 2: Getting Started

  1. Add some baking soda to your bowl. The amount of baking soda that you add is dependent on the surface area that you need to clean. If you are cleaning a large surface area, it is more effective to do several small batches of the mixture for optimum results.
  2. Add a small amount of vinegar and stir. Keep adding small amounts of vinegar, stirring between each addition, until the mixture is paste-like (the consistency of the second photo)

Step 3: Cleaning Your Tile

  1. Make sure your tile is free from debris.
  2. Pour the mixture on your tile, and spread it around evenly.
  3. Let the tile sit with the mixture for around fifteen minutes.
  4. Use your scrub brushes to vigorously scrub the tile.
  5. Wipe the scrubbed tile with your wet rag or towel to remove excess mixture.

Step 4: Admire Your Clean Tile!

I hope that you try this all-natural alternative to your tile cleaner! Enjoy your clean floors!

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