Introduction: 2 Keys Keypad for Osu!

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In this tutorial, you will know how to make a 2 key Keypad for osu! Please follow the instructions :)

Step 1: Material Needed for This Project.

1. Arduino Leonardo mini x 1

2. Key switches(any Cherry Switches) x 2

3. 2 mm thick plastic sheet(any color) 3" x 3" x 1

4. NeonPixel Light Strip(shorter the better)

5. KeyCaps(any color) x 2

6. Wires(5 colors) x 3cm each

7. 1kΩ resistor x 2

Step 2: Tools Needed for This Project

1. Computer

2. Hot Glue Gun

3. Sprue cutter

4. Full-size USB to USB 2.0 mini type B 1 meter

5. Soldering Iron

4. Solder

Step 3: Soldering

1. Cut one piece of LED from the Neopixel LED Strip

2. Cut the wires at the side of the resistors with 1 cm left on the sides

3. Connect the circuit according the image (sorry for the inconvenience)


1. Try to use different color wire for the connections
2. Organize the wires after connecting

Step 4: Assemble

1. Glue the switch with the wire connected to the Arduino to the position shown in the image

3. Hide the resistors under the switches

2. Stick the LED in between the switches

3. Measure the length and height(do not include the upper half of the key switches) of the Keypad

4. Cut the plastic according to the measurements

5. Cut out the outline for the USB connector

6. Stick it firmly to the keypad sides with hot glue

7. Do some sanding if needed


Try to assemble the part as compact as possible

Step 5: Code

1. Upload the code into the Arduino for the Keypad to work:

2. Change the letters in the image to your key-binding in osu!

Step 6: Congrats!

Thank you for making this project and reading this page! Hopefully you enjoy making this.

This is my first Instructables post, so pls don't complain too much :)

If the code has any problems pls comment on GitHub