Introduction: 2 Paper Shadow Box

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Made with 2 papers

Step 1: Requirements

For making a paper shadow box you will need following things

  1. A black A4 size paper
  2. A lightweight white paper(60x50 cms)
  3. paper cutter
  4. glue
  5. double-sided tape
  6. cutting mat
  7. Warm white LED strip lights.
  8. Suitable Adapter or BatterySwitch
  9. Connection wire
  10. A print out of the main template

Step 2: Creating the Foreground

Here the first image is of the printout that you have to take out

Apply glue at the corner of the printout on the white side.

Now stick it to Black A4 size paper.

Start cutting the white portion very precisely with the help of a paper cutter or a laser cutter or a cutting machine.

Once you finish it up you can remove the reference paper using a sharp knife.

Step 3: Creating the Light Box

For creating lightbox take your thin white paper and make the given figure and cut it out

Now valley fold along the black lines.

try to make the box as shown in the figure. Put the glue on the last strip of each side to fix it.(I was unable to capture the foldings and sticking as I was having lack of resources like a third hand or tripod)

Now take the L.E.D. strip wire and stick it inside the box. Make around 2-3 rounds.

Now you can use a suitable adapter or use a battery with a suitable output and a switch to make the connections.

Now take double sided tape and cut into small pieces and stick it in the corner of the lightbox.

Take your papercut foreground and stick it to the front panel of the lightbox.

Remove the protective filming of double-sided tape and attach the lightbox to your desired location

Step 4: The Show

Switch off the lights and turn on the lightbox

You can use different color lights to make it look amazing.

Well, if you want your own custom image, then you can use an app called Mirror Lab(only available on Android), go to the alchemist section and select halftone effect.

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