Introduction: 2 Sided Ninja Star

Today I will be teaching you how to make a 2 color ninja star.

Step 1: Supplies

What you need
2 pieces of 8 1/2 by 11 printer paper

Step 2: Making the Papers Square

First we need to make the paper into squares so your going to take the corner and fold it diagonal.
Now your going to cut off the access paper.
Your need to do this with both papers.

Step 3: Lining the Paper Up Properly

Now we're going to take the two pieces of paper that we just cut and you need to line them up like one big triangle.

Step 4: Folding Into Rectangles

1. So now your going to take both pieces of paper and open them up.
2. Now your going to fold both pieces of paper in half. Fold them down
3. Now you want to fold them in half again. Fold them down
4. This is the last time we will fold them in half but instead of folding them down we're going to take the sides and fold them together

Step 5: Mirror Images

Ok we will be making a Z piece and a S piece
We will be working with the paper on your left first
1. Your going to take the bottom left corner and fold it UP toward the center line (the line we made when we folded them in half)
2. Now we will take the top right handed corner and we will be folding this one DOWN. You need to fold this one to the same center line
Ok so now we need to do this same thing to the other piece. But since they are mirror images we will be doing the opposite
1. Take the top left corner and we will be folding this DOWN. You need to fold it to the center
2. Now take the bottom right corner. And now fold this UP. You need to fold it on the center line
So now you should have 2 separate pieces that are mirror images of each other.

Step 6: Making the Z and S Piece

You need to flip both pieces over
Now we're going to start by working with the left piece. This will be the Z piece.
1. Now we need to take the top corner and fold it down. This should make a point. If it makes it straight then you folded the wrong corner
2. Now Do the same thing to the bottom part
Now take the right piece this will be the S piece.
And now do the same thing that you did with the left piece
When your done they left piece should look like a Z and the right should look like a S

Step 7: Folding the Tips in

So now you need to fold the tips that we just made in. It should make a diamond shape.
You need to do this to both pieces.
It's ok if the pieces just pop back open after you folded them. We're actually going to open them.

Step 8: Putting It Together

Now we're going to take the left piece and we're just going to leave it there. This is the bottom piece
Now I need you to take the right piece open it up. And flip it over and put it on top of the bottom piece
Now the tabs that we just folded in your going to put them into the flaps on the top piece
Ok now we're going to flip it over and do the same thing

Step 9: Congratulations

You just completed your ninja star.
Have fun throwing them but be carful the edges are kinda pointy.
If you need any help there are plenty of good YouTube videos on this.