(2) Starting to Make a Game - Making a Splash Screen in Unity3D

Introduction: (2) Starting to Make a Game - Making a Splash Screen in Unity3D

In this Instructable you will learn how to make a simple splash screen in Unity3D. First, we will open up Unity!

Step 1: Making the Project

Once Unity has opened I clicked on the "New" button at the top which led me to this screen. You may name it anywhere and save it anywhere but for now, I will call it something simple.

Make sure the 3D option is ticked if you're making a 3D game. But honestly, it doesn't really matter too much cause it just adds a Directional Light which you can just add later.For now, I will just tick the box.

Step 2: Setting Up the Canvas

So the first thing I did was I made two folders named "scenes" and "scripts".

Then I added an image by right clicking on the Hierarchy -> UI -> Image and renamed the image "Logo".

Your screen should look something like this, don't worry if the layout is different.

Step 3: Adding the Scene and Script

Then I will save the scene in the "scenes" folder named "Splashscreen" by typing ctrl + s

Then add a C# script in the "scripts" folder named "Splashscreen" by right clicking -> Create -> C# script.

Step 4: Editing the Splashscreen Script

If you double click on the C# script, MonoDevelop or Visual Studio will open, personally I use Notepad ++ due to how fast it opens.

Then delete all the default code and copy+paste this into the script:

Splashscreen Script

IMPORTANT! I made an error

If you have any questions about how the code works comment what you want to know I will gladly help!

Step 5: Setting Up the Splashscreen Controller

So now go back into Unity, and create an empty gameobject by right clicking on the Hierarchy -> Create Empty and rename it to "Splashscreen Controller".

Now drag the "Splashscreen" script to the Splashscreen Controller.

You should now see this.

Step 6: Configuring the Splashcreen Controller

Drag the image named "Logo" to the "Splash Image" spot,

Type "Menu" in the "Next Scene" spot,

You can change the next four values to any number you want (the numbers may have decimals).

Step 7: Adding a Logo

For this simple project, I am just gonna add the blender logo, so I went onto google and downloaded that logo, however, you should use your own logo if you have one.

You have to open the folder where your logo is located then drag and drop the picture into the "Assets" folder in Unity.

Then click on your logo and at the top, change the Texture Type to "Sprite (2D and UI)".

After that at the bottom click "Apply".

Step 8: Adding a Logo

Now click on the image named "Logo" and drag your logo to the Source Image space.

Step 9: Setting Up the Camera

The last step is to change the background, click on the Main Camera and set Clear Flags to "Solid Color".

Then change the Background color to anything you want, in this case, I set it to white.

Before you do anything else make sure you save by typing: ctrl + s

If you did everything correctly then when you click on the play button at the top you will see a splash screen!

If you had any problems or if you have any questions or comments, comment them below!

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    3 years ago on Step 5

    i can't drag Splashscreen script to Splashscreen Controller


    Reply 3 years ago

    If the monobehaviour class name and the script name don't match, you cant add them to game objects. So, in the "Splashscreen" script, the class is called "splashscreen" (lowercase S), but it should have an uppercase.

    I just looked back and noticed I accidentally made that mistake in the script in the screenshot from step 4, sorry for any inconvenience or wasted time!