2 Strand Long Matthew Walker Knot



Introduction: 2 Strand Long Matthew Walker Knot

The 2 strand matthew walker knot is suitable for lanyards, zipper pulls, key ring fobs. It is s good knot for finishing off a two strand bit of knotting.

When tied using a series of wall knots aligning the strands can be a bit fiddly.

Tying the knot around a mandrel overcomes this problem

Step 1:

Step 2:

With a rubber band attach two pencils (small dowels) together.

Attach your cord to the pencils as shown

Step 3:

Take either strand and bring it between the pencils and wrap around desired number of times.

Step 4:

And bring the end through those wraps (making a overhand knot in the middle.

Step 5:

Bring the other end on the other side through the wraps.

Step 6:

And begin to wrap the end one time.

Step 7:

Two times.

Step 8:

Three times

Step 9:

And four times.

Step 10:

With a hemostat, needle nose pliers, grab the end and pull it through the knot (making overhand knot in the middle)

Step 11:

Remove one pencil and start to tighten. Remove remaininng pencil and complete tightening process.

Step 12:

You can make this MWK any length. In step 3/4 wrap first strand around one time followed by strand two to get this.

Step 13:

Likewise if you wrap around twice times you will come up with this

Step 14:

Wrap three times

Step 15:

Using two colors gives a striped result

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