Summer means going to County Fairs, Fireworks Displays and other large crowd events which for a parent, can be a nightmare.

Losing your kid in an overwhelming crowd can be easier than we’d like to think – especially with those toddler-age kids who are just rearing to walk around. Although we don’t like to think of the possibility of getting separated from our kids, we have to be prepared just in case the unthinkable happens. These tips serve as a friendly reminder for summer:

Take a picture of what your child is wearing to the event as you are leaving home to assist in the immediate question "Describe your child and what he/she is wearing?" If your child is missing and you are panicked it can be difficult to remember details that can quickly be recalled and shared with officials assisting in the search.

Write your phone number on your child’s wrist and cover it with a liquid band aid to keep it from smudging or wiping off. That way Police and event employees immediately know who to call once they find your child and keeps children too small to know an emergency number or are too shy when talking to strangers.

Step 1: Take a Picture of What Your Child Is Wearing to the Event As You Are Leaving Home...

Step 2: Write Your Phone Number on Your Child’s Wrist...

Step 3: ... and Cover It With a Liquid Band Aid.