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Introduction: 2 Way Hanging Kebab Skewers

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These hanging kebab skewers were designed for use with my tandoor oven (see my other instructable for: compact claypot tandoor oven).

My original skewers were simple wire skewers with a bend, to prevent meat falling of the bottom, and were hung from a horizontal support rail.

Although functional, the problems were:

1. Meat was difficult to skewer around the spike bend.

2. Meat was still prone to sliding and falling of the bent skewer when fully loaded.

3. The meat at the bottom of the skewer would char due to it being nearer the charcoal fire.

4. The hooks could not be turned upside down easily to alternate the cooked meat on the top and bottom of the skewer.

So my requirements were:

1. A straight wire skewer which would be easier to pierce the meat. No bends!

2. A locking mechanism to prevent meat falling of the bottom of the vertical hanging skewer

3. The ability to swap the hanging skewer end from top to bottom easily using a pair of metal tongs.

Step 1: Design

I decided to base my skewer design based on a bicycle wheel spoke.

Spokes are strong and straight, and come with a threaded end for spoke nut/nipple at one end.

The spokes have a thread at one end of about 8mm. About 3mm of this thread can be grinded to make a sharp piercing spike. The remaining 5mm thread will still allow a spoke nut to be secured.

To allow this spoke nut end to be hung from the top, a brass picture hook will be used. This will be inserted allowing it to be secured by the spoke nut and hung.

Right design sorted, lets build it!

Step 2: Parts & Tools Required

Bicycle spokes of a suitable length with accompanying spoke nipple nut. I used 300mm length spokes. You can buy them new or recycle from a bicycle wheel.

Brass picture frame hooks. About 10 for a pound on ebay.

You will need something to sharpen the spoke end. I used a grinding wheel. I guess you could use a metal file and vice to achieve the same result.

You will also need a pair of pliers to do the metal bending.

Step 3: Grind the Spoke Thread Sharp

I used a grinder stone.
Remember to keep some thread for securing with spoke nut.

Bend a hook on the unthreaded end. Ensure the final height suits your oven. eg not too long that they touch the charcoal.

Step 4: Repurpose Picture Hooks

My picture hooks had 3mm holes. This was big enough to pass the spoke through.

Bend brass picture hook as shown to form a removable hook.

Bend the spokes other end with pliers to form a hook.

Step 5: Finished Article

Perfect, makes skewering, cooking evenly, and unskewering so much easier, especially when its hot!

Obviously give it a good scrub and clean before use. I would also leave to disinfect by leaving it in the hot tandoor for 10 mins.

Another bonus is that the spoke nut keeps the spike end safe when in use and in storage.

Happy Cooking

Step 6: Show Me the Food!

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