Introduction: 2 Wheel RC Racer

In this instructable I will show you how to build a 2 Wheel LEGO RC Racer.

The idea for this robot comes from a google advertisement from the makeblock robot. The idea was to build such a robot, with the ability to operate it remotely. And with two wheels instead of three (like a Hoverboard). I started with this LEGO robot. Intending to later add extra functionality, using an Arduino.

Only replacing the LEGO motors by continuous servos made the robot slow. And speed is the fun part of this robot. Also, the use of two wheels makes the middle part is not stable. The use of a ultrasonic distance meter will never work!

The robot has not become quite what was intended. But my children love to play with this robot. Therefore, I decided to make this Instructable.

Main parts

  • 2 x LEGO Power Functions Motor (88002 Train Motor)
  • 1 x 8884 Remote Control IR Receiver
  • 1 x 8879/8885 Remote control IR Speed Remote Control
  • 1 x 8881 AA Battery Box
  • 2 x Large 160 mm LEGO wheels (bricklink)

I've used 2 LEGO Power Functions Train Motors. It's also possible to use two other LEGO Power Functions motors.

Step 1: Building Instructions

This step contains pictures of the build of the LEGO Robot. As with LEGO it is obviously not necessary to follow them exactly. You can replace blocks with other blocks, as long as everything stays within the size of the wheels.

As you can see, I used two different LEGO motors (older and newer type). This is possible because only the connections differ. It is also possible to use other LEGO Power Functions motors. Depending on the type of motor, there are more or fewer gears needed.

Step 2: LEGO Digital Designer

If the previous pictures are not clear enough, then download the following file. And open it with LEGO Digital Designer.

If you do not have the right size of LEGO wheels, you can make them easily by yourself. Use two lids of the correct size. Or make two wooden wheel with a jigsaw.

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