Introduction: 2 X 12" Guitar Speaker Cabinet Box

I decided to build myself a GuitarBox, because the quality which I could find to buy, isn't worth the money.

They mostly look very nice, but the used wood is manly cheap chipboard.
I decided to use ply wood for a define tone and other advantages.
The rusult is a very solid speaker box - build to last!

Step 1: Cutting & Glueing

I choosed to make a mortise connection, without the use of any screw.
And one more advantage, if you manage it, even professionals will admire your piece.

Step 2: Sandpaper Work

The next day, when the glue was dry, it was time to finish the speaker.
Breaking the edges to a good looking radius.
Working on wood is always a nice experience.

Step 3: Building the Front

I constructed the front to be taken out again. Maybe to replace it later, or to change a damaged cover..or whatever.

Step 4: The Cover

I used glue and a staple gun

Step 5: Foto Finish

After all was built together it looks like I imagined, although I must say, the camera captures the red cover different than it actually is. Actually more red than purple.
The box has got only a thin varnish, to keep the natural look and to see the work I've done.

The backside is made out of three pieces, so you can use it as closed model, or half open.

Used tools:
An electric drill, table circular saw, jig saw, milling cutter, sand papers, glue

I equiped the box with two Celestion Green Backs made in UK.
The speaker has in this finish 50 Watts and 16 Ω.