Shrimp Tempura Hand Roll: 2-in-1 Baby Costume

Introduction: Shrimp Tempura Hand Roll: 2-in-1 Baby Costume

A really easy costume for baby that you can complete in an afternoon.

I made this last year and only have one picture of the project in mid-completion.

Materials for Shrimp Tempura:

Baby pajamas/onesie, preferably zippered in the center and with hood

Feather boa, white

Spray bottle


Food color, yellow and red

Felt, orange

Paints, white, orange, and red

Paint brush

To Make Shrimp Tempura:

1. Fill spray bottle with water and food color to make a light orange stain. Spray in short bursts on feather boa until desired variations of color are achieved. You may want to return to several spots to make them darker than others. Let dry.

2. Fold boa in half and sew on either side of the zipper of the front of the onesie.

3. Cut orange felt into shapes to look like a shrimp's tail. The shapes are tagged in the photo. Using white, orange, and red paints, add variations of shades. I found it helpful to look at a photo of a shrimp tempura. Let dry.

4. Sew shrimps tail on the hood of the onesie. If the onesie has no hood, you will have to sew it together to make a hat.

Materials for Sushi Hand Roll:

Felt, black, 1 x 1-1/2 yard

Quilt batting

3" thick high density foam


Paint brush

Orange pom poms, small

Glue gun and glue sticks

Hook and loop strip (Velcro), 1 yard

To Make Sushi Hand Roll:

1. Glue quilt batting on black felt, enough to cover 2/3 of the width of the felt. Make sure there is a little piece (8"-10") leftover.

2. Cut desired vegetable pieces (in my example, cucumber and avocado) using high density foam. You only need to make them a little longer than what will be seen. I cut the bottom ends into wedges, so that baby's head could rest comfortably (as tagged on the photo).

3. Paint the foam vegetable pieces and let dry.

4. Arrange foam vegetables on the quilt batting as desired and glue to quilt batting.

5. Take the leftover piece of quilt batting and glue on the orange pom poms. Arrange and glue somewhere on the edge of the felt as desired.

6. Affix Velcro to the ends of the felt, in a way that when the costume is in the hand roll position, it will not open.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is such a great idea for baby costume. So cute!