Introduction: 2-in-1 Instrument

This instrument set is a box guitar and a drum set.






duck tape

paint (optional)

Step 1: Cardboard

The way to make this beautiful instrument is you take the cardboard and cut out a hole this hole can be anything you want.

Step 2: String

You will then take the stings and a piece of duck tape and tape one end of each string to the duck tape spread out but same length. Then you will pull the sting as tight as possible to the other side of the box. Remember to measure your strings out so you can determine the exact length.

Step 3: Tape

Then you will duck tape the ends of the strings to the other of the box making a string guitar. then you done you can paint the guitar if you wish to or leave it your preference. then have fun playing.

Step 4: Drums

The drum is the guitar.

You can hit the guitar from the different sides and make different frequencys.