Ninja Turtle Car Key

Introduction: Ninja Turtle Car Key

how would you like to have the coolest car keys ever? forget key chains iv got  you 1 better. you can but the chip that unlocks your car INSIDE A TOY!!!    I used a ninja turtle toy

Step 1: Get the Toy

you need a toy that you like, think is cool, and can fit the chip or your clicker in. I wanted to use a transformer but found a turtle.   

Step 2: Lets Play Doctor

if you are not squeamish because next you must open up the toy. some are held closed with a screw and they are ez. mine was melted. so I fount its line of connection and broke it so I could get to his guts

Step 3: Clean Out the Crap

OK when you have got the toy open take out all the objects that may keep you from putting your car lock peace in it.   For my toy i just broke the peaces out. it wasent that hard, but be sure not to brake the outside of the toy.    if the toy has a peace that holds the 2 sides together keep it and use it to hold ur chip in place.

Step 4: I Need Space!!

the chip must fit in along with its battery. so after u clean out the toy the chip must b cut down to size if it cant fit in. just look at the picture

Step 5: I Like to Move It Ove It

 I wanted my toy to still move but I the space issue would not let it work so you could only have 1 movable arm IF!!! I grind him down. the other arm I just glued in place

Step 6: Buttin

how will you click it to lock and unlock?  using the back side of your toy mark out where the buttons on the clicker are on the side then drill some holes. I made small holes and used some paper clips to go in the hole and click the buttons 

Step 7: Glue

I glued some wires to the buttons so I could click them through the holes on the shell and it worked fine

Step 8: Last 1

put it all together

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    10 years ago on Step 8

    Really cool. I took a shot at making one of these and this is what I came up with. It's a really big hit everyone wants one lol.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Mr. Jake, Thank you so much. I made this instructable 4 years ago and never thought much of it. But now seeing that someone actually liked my idea and made there own makes me quite happy. So again thank you.
    I see you improved on my design as well, so kudos to you my friend. But what did you mean by everyone wants one? was it a hit at work or something? Ether way, extremely good Job on your build, and thanks for the feed back. I'm glad someone made one.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. What I meant was everyone I've showed it to has asked me to make them one. Only problem is I don't have a large supply of ninja turtle toys lol. But all credit goes to you for posting this idea. It's very marketable and if you could find a way to mass produce them at a cheap price, then you sir would be in business.