Introduction: 2 Tone Rims

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Recently bought rims and tires off a coworker, They are Motegi racing rims universal pattern 17" in white with stone chips and minor road rash so this Instructable was fit for my intentions !

Step 1: Stone Chips

So there was plenty of stone chips and minor road rash from curbs so I decided a color change was going to happen

So I took some 80, 120 and 400 grit sandpaper and sanded out the chips and rash and primed them light grey.

I used playing cards around the rim to avoid the cost of tire removal, just slip them in might need 2 decks . The best part is you can still use the cards afterwards!

Step 2: Taping

After you apply your primer according to the colors your using you have to sand and or scuff the primer for the paint to adhere

Now its time to get creative and tape off what you don't want painted for the first colour. I use 3M green tape

I painted the dark teal first (sorry no pic on the first taping)

I taped off the spokes with not to much of a worry on overspray as I was to scuff them and paint them as well after

On the second taping i used the contours of the rim to achieve the look I was after.

Step 3: Second Color

So I decided one side of the spoke was going to be white and the other would be silver. I sprayed the white first and then the silver going only in one direction

There was some overspray but it was going to be hidden by 10 coats of mid stage ( or more) of pearl white water based PPG mid coat.

Step 4: Minor Imperfection Fix & Clear

Some of the tape may allow paint to bleed underneth due to not secure tapping, but its an easy fix with a brush and some paint of the same colour.

Good to touch this up before clear to make for a more defined look !

I used 2 k clear in a can showing in the picture

I also painted the lug nuts from black to original colour (TEAL) with some clear on the head of the nut , tight fitting

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