Introduction: 2 Yards Away From the Apron of Your Dreams

Why spend lots of money on an apron when you can make an equally cute one in your own home? With just two yards of fabric and a sewing machine, you can make this beautiful high- waisted apron. This apron is perfect for teenage girls who are just getting into cooking and baking, college students, newlyweds or frankly any woman at all. It makes a lovely affordable gift as well. 

Step 1: Supply List

For this apron you will need the following:
1 yard of background fabric (flower pattern) 
1 yard of accent fabric ( red polka-dot) 
Two buttons (One for the waist band and one for the pocket.) 
1 1/2 yards of rick rack  
Thread to match 
A sewing machine 

A pencil with an eraser 
Measuring tape 

Step 2: Cutting the Pieces

Step 2A: cutting the background pieces 
Line up the background fabric with right sides together so that you have a rectangle that is about 19" x 33" and cut three inches off the end so that you have a rectangle that is 19" x 33". 

Step 2B: cutting the straps 
With right sides together, cut out two 36" x 9" pieces. 

Step 2C: cutting the bottom accent piece and waistband
With right sides together, cut  two additional  33" x 9 pieces. Then take one of these pieces and fold down the center and using the pocket pattern (see images) cut a curve for the center of the waistband. 

Step 2D: cutting the pocket 
 With remaining accent fabric, cut two pocket pieces using pocket pattern. 

Step 3: Sewing the Straps

From your cutting, you should have two accent pieces that are 36"x 9" each. For each, fold the long way with right sides together so that you have a piece 36" x 4.5". Then sew starting at the fold on a short side and continue down the long side.

Note: Using a backstitch at the start and the end will secure you garment better. I also use the edge of my sewing foot lined up with the fabric as a guide for my stitching. 

The result should be a 36" x 4ish" piece with a single opened end. This end will allow you to turn the garment to the right side (see photo). Repeat the same steps for the second strap. 

Note: I use a long pencil with a soft eraser to push out the corners with turning the piece right side out. 

Step 4: Sewing the Bottom Accent Piece

The bottom accent piece is sewn the same way as the the straps. Start by folding in half with right sides together down the long way and stitching around one short side and one long side. Then turn the piece right side out. This time though, you will also stitch up the last open side. To do this step, you will fold in a small portion of the fabric all the way around in the inside, so the raw edge will not show. Stitch up the side to secure the raw edge inside the piece.

Step 5: Sewing the Waistband

For the waistband, first we will start by folding the piece with right sides together. We will then stitch across the top only leaving both ends open. Then turn the garment inside out. 

For the rick rack attachment: pin the rick rack in place along the top of the waistband and sew a single line down the center of the rick rack.

Note: it is not necessary to be exact with the rick rack line. The goal is is just to secure it. You may also consider switching your thread to the rick rack color so that you have a cleaner look. 

Then by hand, secure a cute button on the center of the waistband using a needle and thread. 

Alternative option: if rick rack isn't your thing you could also use colored bias tape or ribbon. 

Step 6: Making the Pocket

After using the pocket pattern, you should have two pocket pieces from step 2D. 
With right sides together sew around the pocket leaving a small hole to turning right side out. Then turn right side out and sew up the hole from the outside. 

You may now choose to pin on the rick rack in what ever fashion you want and then stitch it down just as you did on the waistband. 

Finally, add a button by hand using a needle and thread. 

Step 7: The Accent Pieces

At this point you should have: 
Two straps 
One waist band 
One pocket 
One bottom accent piece 

Step 8: Attaching the Straps and Waistband Together

This step is by far the most complicated so don't be discouraged if you end up having to rip the steam once or twice. 

First, recognize that you have a strap piece with one open, unfinished end and a waist band end that is also unfinished. The goal is to fit them together but also give them a finished look. 

To get the finished look start by folding the strap piece's raw edge inside just like you did on the bottom accent piece. 
For the waistband you will fold the end two times at the end. 

Then you will place the newly folded strap piece under the newly folded waistband piece. so that the waistband piece will be on top if you were looking at it from the front of the apron. Then you will stitch down once to connect the strap to the waistband. This is the primary connection. You will also add a second straight stitch next to the first so that the waistband looks more finished on the front side of the apron. 
I've included a video as well to help.

Step 9: Sewing the Background Piece

From the background cutting step (step 2A), you should have two 19" x 33" rectangles. Start by putting right sides together and sewing around the garment leaving a portion on a side so that you can turn it right side out. Once you have sewn around leaving the small hole, turn right side out making sure to poke the corners out using the pencil's eraser. Once inverted, you can then stitch up the hole by folding in a small portion and sewing close to the edge on the pretty side of the background fabric. 

Note: see image progression for steps. 
image 1- unstitched portion 
image 2- folding inside 
image 3- stitching on the pattern side 

Step 10: Attaching the Bottom Accent Piece to the Background Piece

To attach the background piece to the bottom accent piece, simply pin the pieces together making the accent piece on top from the front side of the apron. Then sew two lines across the pieces lengthwise to secure. 

Note: As you can see in the image, My stitch lines are just under a half inch as shown by where the pins are. 

Step 11: Attaching the Background Piece to the Waistband

Your apron is now taking shape. What is now left to do is attach the waistband strap combo with the bottom background piece. 

To do this you simply sew two stitch lines just as you did with the bottom piece and background piece. Place the waistband piece over the background piece and follow pin lines to secure. 

Step 12: Attaching the Pocket

At this point, there is one final step, to attach the pocket to the background.

Note : I think it works best if you tie the apron on and see where you like the pocket to sit based on your arm length. 

Once you have determined a comfortable position, pin the pocket on. Then you will sew around the edge of the pocket to secure it to your apron. 

Step 13: A Beautiful APRON Made by YOU

Your apron is now complete. Looking good! 

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