Introduction: $20 Elephant

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Sometimes you need to get someone a gift and don't know what to buy them so you think maybe you'll just give them $20. But then, money seems so impersonal.

Here's a cute idea for those Nieces and Nephews that are difficult to buy for.

You can purchase or make a little box to put it in and tie a ribbon around it.

It's so much more fun than giving them a regular $20 bill.

Try to get a new, crisp $20 bill for this project, it will fold much easier than an old bill.

Follow along with the photos, it will help make a little more sense.

Step 1: Beginning

Fold the $20 bill in half lengthwise. Crease.

Unfold, then fold the left side(as you are looking at it) top and bottom corners toward the center fold, you will have a point on the left side.

Fold the top and bottom left side again to the center crease, making an even sharper point.

Bring the left side of the bill over to the right side and fold.

Flip the $20 bill over so the point is underneath.

Fold just the top layer in half toward the right side. Crease well, then unfold.

Step 2: Continue Folding

Find the vertical folded edge in the center of the $20 bill. Fold this edge over so it meets the crease you just made. As you do this, flip the point back around to the front.

Step 3: Keep Folding...

Fold the left edge under so the zeros are showing but the number 2's are underneath.

Next, fold the top layer of the middle section (where it says, "we trust") over toward the right side.

Use your fingernails to make a good fold.

Fold the point over to the left side.

Now fold the point back to the right side but this fold is about half as wide as the one below it.

Step 4: Fold Some More...

Fold the folded edge on the left side(between the 2 and the zero) over so it meets the crease between the words "THE" and "UNITED".

Now flip the left edge of the $20 bill back around to the front.

Turn the $20 bill over.

Step 5: Elephant Legs

Fold all 4 corners of the top layer of the rectangle in the center.

Use your fingernails to crease well, then unfold the corners.

Very slowly, fold the top of this rectangle down, little triangles will form where you just made the creases.

Do the same with the bottom edge.

Now you've made the legs.

Step 6: Let's Fold a Little More...

Fold the left side of the $20 bill in about 1/4" and make a crease. Unfold.

Fold the $20 bill in half, from top to bottom.

To make the Elephants tail, fold the left edge back to the inside but leave the part at the top poking out for the tail.

Step 7: Ears

Now, we're almost finished!

With your left hand, pinch the elephants front legs together. Then push the pointed end down with your right hand, gently pushing it between the two layers of the elephants body, making a pleat on both sides of the head.

Fold the ears you just made toward the front of the elephant.

Pinch the ears together with your left hand and using your right hand, open up the trunk section so it's flat in the front.

Fold the point up and pinch the trunk. Make another pleated fold near the point.

Now, isn't that the cutest little elephant you've ever seen?

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