Introduction: 20 LAST MINUTE Halloween Costume Ideas

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These costumes are pretty straightforward and last minute, so if you're the person that runs around half an hour before the Halloween night is starting and doesn't know what to be these costumes are for you!

If you want a closer look at the costumes I made a youtube video about these costumes, so make sure to go and watch that as well:

Step 1: Painter

Everything you need for this costume is a white and blue striped shirt, and a blue pair of jeans. Then just top it off with some accessorize like a painting canvas, some paint brushes, and some paint:) I also took my hair in a low ponytail, and stuck a paintbrush into it:)

Step 2: Detective

For this outfit you need a coat, a black outfit (black jeans and black sweater) then just pair it with a black headband, sunglasses, high heels and a black purse:)

Step 3: Hippie

For this costume you can literally just take whatever's in your closet with some different pattern on. I took some green patterned trousers, a white louse singlet and a reddish cardigan that I tied in a, not at the front. Then I had some cool sunglasses lying in my room that I added for an extra touch:)

Step 4: (the Old) Taylor Swift

For this, you need a denim skirt, a white t-shirt, and a cardigan. Then ofc you cant forget about the statement red lip:)

Step 5: Lisa (from the Simpsons)

For this, you need a red dress and some sandals. I didnt have a pearl necklace so I just took a piece of white fabric and tied it around my neck as a chocker. Also, don't forget to setup your hair, I tried to make it look some kind of the same as Lisa`s but that didnt really work out, so you decide how you want to have your hair:)

Step 6: Kim Possible

For this costume take a black sweater and roll it up or cut it so it looks like a cropped sweater. Then take a pair of louse preferably dark green pants (which I didnt have) and pair it with some black boots:)

Step 7: 80`s Chic

This costume is really easy to recreate because to be someone from the 80`s everything you really need to have is some neon coloured clothing. But for my outfit I took a pair of multicoloured tights and an old leotard, Then for my hair, I had a neon orange hair band I used, then just put on some blue or pink eyeshadow and you are good to go:)

Step 8: Future Girl

For this costume I rolled down a gold glitter dress to a skirt, then I took some tinfoil and rolled it around my chest to work like a top. For the hair I put it up in two spacebuns, and then for the makeup exaggerate everything! I put on a lot of foundation and blush, I also used the biggest fake lashes I could find:)

Step 9: Scarecrow

This is probably the hardest costume to recreate, and that is just because of the makeup (which really was´nt that hard). But for the outfit, I took a pair of mom jeans, and paired it with a flannel shirt and a hat. For the makeup it is a little more advanced so I will link a video tutorial here: :)

Step 10: Totoro!

Everyone doesn't have plans this year so for those of you who doesn't, put on your kigurumi and rock your costume at home:)

Step 11: Rosie the Riverter

This is a classic but still a good one! Take a pair of denim jeans and a denim shirt. Then take a red bandana, and tie it around your head, and for your hair just put it in a low bun. Also, dont forget the red lipstick!:)

Step 12: Anna (from Frozen)

For this costume I actually used a bit of my bunad. And on top of that I tied a blue sweater, and for the gown I took a wine red sweater. Then just braid your hair in two braids, and youre done:)

Step 13: Elsa (from Frozen)

If you prefer to be Elsa, everything you need is a blue sweater, a blue dress, and some blue shoes. Then braid your hair in one big loose braid down the middle of your head:)

Step 14: Crazy Cat Lady

Okay so for this costume I took an old silk dress underneath and paired it with my robe, some slippers, a pair of glasses, and a teddy bear (obviously it would be better with a cat, but I didn't have that;)

Step 15: Shadow Hunter

For the shadow, hunter costume take all the black clothing you can find and put it on. Also if you have a black or purple leather jacket that would be awesome! I also had a tree rubberband gun laying at home so I took that too. Then for the shoes just take some black boots:)

Step 16: Ghost

Okay so this costume is pretty straightforward, everything you need is a white sheet:)

Step 17: Little Red Riding Hood

For this costume take a black dress, some high white socks, and some nude boots. For the hood, I took two red dresses and tied them together so it looked kinda like a hood, but obviously if you have something that looks more like it use that instead;)

Step 18: Sheep

Okay so I was getting empty for ideas, but then I saw this white blanket just laying on my bed waiting to be used! So if you want to give your blanket some love this year you can be a sheep for Halloween;)

Step 19: Bandit

For the Bandit, costume take some black boots, black jeans, black beanie and a white and black striped shirt, and then you should be good to go;)

I hope you guys liked the costumes, and maybe got some ideas to what to be for Halloween. If you want to check me out on youtube go ahead and do that (link in intro), I also made a youtube video about these costumes so if you want a closer look just go and check that out;)

Step 20:

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