Introduction: 20 Sided "fuzzy" Dice

Surfing the Internet will eventually lead to any number of websites offering 20 sided fuzzy dice for your car's rear view mirror. Not wanting to shell out the 20 plus dollars I decided to make my own "fuzzy" D20's for less than 2 dollars.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

You will need the following:

2 sheets of red card stock (This is available at most hobby stores by the sheet and while I used red any color you wish is fine)


White paint pen (A black sharpie will work but for full effect white is best.)

Glue. Any will do I am a big fan of hot glue for it's fast drying time and durability, next would be Tacky glue available at most craft stores.

Step 2: Print This!

A 20 sided die by any other name is an Icosahedron. This picture is available here to print or on any number of websites for free. It is a free Icosahedron (20 sided figure) template. Load your card stock into the printer and print this image as a full page (although you may have to adjust to make it fit onto the page completely.) And remember we need two.

Step 3: Once Printed....

Once you have printed the image on the card stock you should have two pages that look like this.

Step 4: Cut It Out

Follow the black lines on the image and using the exacto knife or scissors I didn't mention you needed cut out the image from the card stock. Be very careful on this part, there is a few tricky corners, just take your time and it will all be worth it.The second image is what you end up with.

Step 5: Paint the Numbers, and Pre-fold.

Using the paint pen (or sharpie) write the numbers from 1- 20 on various triangles of the cutout. I am not a stickler for which numbers go where, but should you want dust off your D20 and match it to your larger mock up then go nuts.. Once again I used a white paint pen because of the effect you can easily use a black sharpie but the effect is not as impressive. When using a paint pen it is important to practice on a separate piece of paper first so you can get the feel of it. Let it dry COMPLETELY and then proceed to pre-fold on all the black lines

Step 6: Glue Together

From here you will have tabs labeled for gluing, From this point on it is a matter of solving the 3D puzzle and gluing as you go. Eventually you will end up with two of these.

Step 7: String It Up.

Inevitably you will have some small pockets at one or more corners of your 20 sided dice, this is not only normal but perfect. Pick one to insert your twine into and glue around the opening, Put about an inch of twine into one die and glue around the opening, measure off at least 7 to 8 inches in between and glue the opposite end of twine about a inch in into the other die and glue that opening. Let dry.

Step 8: Done!

Get ready to break out the +10 COOL spell because you are ready to ride!