Introduction: $20 Surfboard Rack for Scooter. Take Two

Hi guys! Its me again.

Since i posted my first tutorial about $20 surfboard rack for scooter, i received few orders from friends to do the same for them :)

Last spring I finally bought myself surfboard. Because its summer in New Zealand at the moment I coudnt be bothered carry surfboard in my hands to the beach. So i decided to build another rack for the scooter. This time the scooter is mine :)

So lets go :) Surfboard rack for TGB 101S

Step 1: What We Need

2 x metal rods

2 x Insulation pipes

2 x galvanized 8-13mm U bolts

2 x 1m rubber straps with hooks (later i find out that 1m is way too long! Half a meter is more than enough)

1 x 10cm long 8mm bolt with nut and 3 washers (you wont need 5, just three)

Step 2: Bending Rods

Depends how thick your board is bend ends of the rods. Then bend it almost in the middle or find out perfect height for your scooter.

Step 3: Cutting Rods and Bolt

Cut off the length you dont need.

Cut the bolt head like on the photo. Well, not really like on the photo - try to cut it parallel to the bolt :)

Step 4: Welding

Not much welding this time. Just weld bolt to the short rod like on the photo.

Weld two washers to the bottom hooks. Make sure washers are parallel to the rods.

Oh yea! Wear appropriate clothes while working with welding machine. Not jandals like me :)

Step 5: Dress Them

Dress em up with insulation pipes

Step 6: Easy As!

Attach both rods to the scooter.

I dont really like the way front rack attached to the scooter.. U bolt plates are bending and its just ugly. Maybe you have better idea? Please tell me in comments.

Thats it. It was much easier than the first rack i did.

I hope it will help you to build your own rack.

More scooters stuff soon :)