Introduction: 20 Unusual Uses for Somewhat Unusual Things

About: Hello, my name is Adam and I live in Alaska's capital, I love to create in different ways and hope to share with you!

This project took 2 hours so for my sake If this helps you in someway let me know! And if there something that doesn't work or I wrote wrong feel free to leave a comment.

Step 1: Clean Your Keyboard

Use a toothbrush to scrub down your keys and remove dust

Step 2: Having Trouble Opening a Jar?

Put a rubber band around it for extra grip

Step 3: Keep Your Socks Together

Fold your socks together and put a rubber band around them so they don't separate whilst traveling etc.

Step 4: Prevent Bent Pages

Put a rubber band around your book so the pages don't get bent when being shoved into a backpack or tossed around.

Step 5: Store Belts Easily

Roll up your belt and secure with a rubber band for easiest storage.

Step 6: De-seed Cherries

Easily remove the seeds of cherries by pushing the straw through the middle.

Step 7: Store Headphones

Pull the end of your headphones through the straw until the earbuds prevent you from pulling further then wrap the excess around the straw. Feel free to adjust straw length

Step 8: Air Soft Bb Storage

Use an old tic tac container to store some extra bbs for on the go.

Step 9: SIM Card Tool Replacement

If you've lost the apple provided tool a paper clip works just the same

Step 10: Bookmark

Mark a page or a section of reading material with paper clips

Step 11: Altoid Medical Kit

For camping or for your B.O.B a altoid medical kit contain pills gauze etc could save a life.

Step 12: Altoids Circuit

What can you make inside an altoids container?

Step 13: Don't Waist Old Tees

instead of throwing them away I find that using an old tee as canvas can have great results.

Step 14: Doggy Bandana

A great use for outgrown baby clothing or your old tees, is too cut into a triangle and make a cute dog bandana

Step 15: Seal Bags

I'm sure most of you already know this but a binder clip can help prevent from getting your favorite snack stale.

Step 16: Dry Painbrushes

If you enjoy art like me, one good way to dry a paintbrush is by putting it through a binder clip as shown above.

Step 17: Hanger

Although not so practical a binder clip can make a great hook and additionaly it can clip something like a to do list below it.

Step 18: Keychain

Use D-rings as a keychain that can hook onto your pocket

Step 19: Hang Lights

A thumbtack is a great way to hang festive lights around your house. Just hang the lights from the pin.

Step 20: Bite Relief

Here in Alaska mosquitoe bites are a well know part of life, if you forgot the bug spray just put chapstick or deodorant on the bite for a brake from the itching.

Step 21: Thanks for Reading!

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