Introduction: $20 Off the Floor Fold Up Wall-hanging Dog Bed (65lb Dog)

if your like me, your dog likes to be around you all the time, including when your working in the garage.  In the winter the floor gets pretty cold, i usually have a bed or mat/rug laying around, but i dont like having stuff laying all over the floor, and i frequently sweep my garage floor, so i decided to make a hanging dog bed that can fold up out of the way if i want.

this is a short one, i didnt take much pictures along the way, but its pretty simple.


(2) 2x3's  i think they were 8ft length
(1) 6ft length of chain, or two 3ft pieces, mine is rated at 90lbs
(1) pack of 2 "tee hinges"
(1) 100ft 3/16 rope/clothes line
(4) corner brackets for easy assembly - optional - i ended up not using these
(1) large/long pillow or a pad, or blanket folded up

I cut (2) 35.5" and (2) 22.5" pieces from the 2x3s to fit the pad i found that was getting thrown away at work, pre-drilled and used 2 self drilling wood screws on each corner, i also drilled holes every 1.5" in the 2 long boards. think i used a 5/16 bit for easy threading of the rope.  then i laced it up like a shoe, this part took alot longer then i figured..

level and mark the wall, install the hinges on the bed frame and then to the wall, thats how i did it at least.  then i stalled the chain using normal sheet rock screws, one at each end of the chain. i used the level sitting across the bed when i did this. will try to add pictures of the hinges and rope webbing, you could really lay anything across it like a blanket or pillow.

as you can see from the pictures, my 65+ lb dog put it to use immediatly and approved.