20 to 30 Minute Perfect Baked Potatoes - Sweet Potatoes

Introduction: 20 to 30 Minute Perfect Baked Potatoes - Sweet Potatoes

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First look at the book : Eat Right For Your Type Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia - Dr. Peter J. D' Adamo ; You can look at the book in the book store or libary, It is inportant to do this step or you may have complications later in life from eating the wrong foods. The book goes into detail about this process. To sum it up your blood is flowing in your body and some foods act like glue in your bloodstream or you can look at it like putting poison into your body... My wife is Type O and she can have sweet potato - I am Type B+ and I can have a regular potato... so, we have to cook one of each at the same time...

Step 1:

Look at this book to see which potato you can eat...

Step 2:

Clean off the dirt under the sink. Stab your potato's several times with a knife, if you don't do this it will explode in the microwave... Rotate several times stabing all around the potato's...

Step 3:

Preheat the oven to 400* or start your BBQ grill...

Step 4:

Put into microwave - cook for 2 min...

Step 5:

rotate potato's 1/4 turn - set microwave for 2 min... rotate potato's 1/4 turn - set microwave for 2 min... flip ( turn over potato's after 6 min ) keep rotateing potato's 1/4 of turns and cook for 2 min... for a total of 10 min... that is 6 min then flip then 4 min = total 10 min. or until the potato's start to feel soft to the touch...

Step 6:

wrap your potato's in foil & place them in the oven / grill - cook them for about 10 to 20 min... the potato's will be soft when ready... This cuts the time down from 1hr 30min. to 20-30min... The perfect baked potato has a crisp golden skin on the outside and is pure white and fluffy on the inside...

Step 7:


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